Portugal Auto Cluster for the Future

Project "Portugal Auto Cluster for the Future"

The project "Portugal Auto Cluster for the Future" (PAC) began in July 2020. This is a mobilizing project with a duration of 36 months, presents a consortium, formed by 9 business entities and 12 non-business entities, endowed with scientific and technological skills capable of achieving the proposed objectives.


Aligned with the action plan of the Mobinov | Portugal Automotive Cluster, it aims at the development, test and demonstration of a new generation of technologies - products and processes - identified as critical for a new positioning of the national automotive cluster in the global value chains of the vehicle of the future.


The Project is divided in 6 PPS in the following core areas:

  • PPS1 - New vehicle architectures of the future: Develop, test and demonstrate new concepts and new ways of product development and validation, taking into account the trends of the connected, electric and autonomous car.
  • PPS2 - Interiors of the future: To develop, test and demonstrate new materials and new processes in core areas of the national automotive cluster, namely following the thrid living space trend.
  • PPS3 - Future structures and exteriors: To develop, test and demonstrate new materials and new processes in core areas of the Portuguese automotive cluster, namely structures.
  • PPS4 - Sensing and connectivity technologies: To enable the industry for new competencies in the area of connectivity and sensing.
  • PPS5 - Flexible and digital production technologies: To develop, test and demonstrate new technologies, methodologies and processes for the digital transformation of the national automobile cluster, in the context of Industry 4.0.
  • PPS6 - Management, coordination and dissemination: To guarantee the management and coordination of the PAC Project, namely in terms of technical-scientific, administrative and financial management and also the wide dissemination and demonstration of results.


In the specific case of Microplásticos is involved in PPS2 specifically in the integration of conformable labels with hybrid electronics, in overmoulding processes, of 3D structures.


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