Missão Coração


Last Saturday, Microplásticos held the "Missão Coração" event, an initiative aimed at celebrating Heart Day (September 29) and promoting the health and well-being of its employees. The event was attended by a number of employees, who were able to enjoy two physical activities: gym class and paddle tennis. Both activities are fun, dynamic and beneficial for the heart, as they improve blood circulation, endurance and cardiorespiratory capacity.


As well as looking after their own hearts, Microplásticos employees also showed solidarity with the hearts of others. They donated food to the CASA institution, which helps needy people in the community. This was a way of showing that Microplásticos has a social and human commitment, as well as a business commitment.


The "Missão Coração" event was a success, because as well as providing moments of leisure and integration between employees, it also helped raise awareness of the importance of exercising regularly and helping others. Microplásticos would like to thank everyone who took part and got involved in this mission, and hopes to repeat the experience soon. Microplásticos is a company that cares about the quality of life of its employees, because it knows that they are its greatest asset.


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