IAA Mobility 2023


The latest edition IAA MOBILITY Fair of 2023 had presented us the latest advancements and news in the automotive industry.

Exhibitors and automakers showcased advanced sensor systems, including LiDAR, radars, and camera-based solutions, to enhance safety, autonomous driving capabilities, and overall vehicle performance. These sensors are poised to redefine the automotive landscape, making vehicles smarter and safer than ever before.


OEMs also took the opportunity to unveil a selection of innovative infotainment options, raising the bar for in-car entertainment and connectivity.

From augmented reality head-up displays to immersive in-cabin experiences, these new infotainment features promised to redefine the way passengers interact with their vehicles, making travel more enjoyable and productive.


The 2023 IAA Mobility Fair saw a significant influx of Asian car suppliers, underscoring the growing influence and innovation emanating from this region.


These trends, collectively, shape the future of today/tomorrow´s mobility.


Great event, we're looking forward to the next one!


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