At MICROplastics, we know that our team is one of the main differentiating factors and always pursue its development in a sustainable manner. We work with a skilled and committed team, allowing us to strengthen our competitiveness and achieve customer satisfaction.

Work at MICROplásticos

Human resources management policy

Aligned with the strategy, vision and mission of the company, the human resources management policy of MICROplásticos focuses on the attraction, development, motivation and retention of the best professionals. Our practices are guided by the principles of fairness and objectivity, rigor and excellence.

Social responsibility policy

We base our human resource practices on compliance with legislation and principles inherent to corporate and entrepreneurial social responsibility. We seek to contribute to the continuous improvement of the quality of life of our employees, respective families and the community in general.

Employee involvement

We’ve implemented an internal suggestion system, aiming the pursuit of the goals regarding the continuous improvement of processes, product quality and organisational satisfaction.
We’ve assessed the satisfaction level of our employees, collected suggestions for improvement and established action plans that pursue the improvement of the internal satisfaction levels.

Management of potential

We see training as an effective driver of organizational development, based on well-defined guidelines, directed to results and supported by methodological principles of rigor.

Career Opportunities

MICROplásticos meets the conditions to provide challenging work projects and evolving professional careers for highly qualified people and young people with potential who wish to invest in their professionals careers.


If you identify yourself with our mission and consider this is an opportunity for mutual growth, send us your spontaneous application.

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